Long Distance Healing

Group Reiki Remote Healings are done by Joannie every Tuesday morning at 9 am (eastern). If possible, try to relax in a quiet spot for about 15 minutes during that time. Your request will be sent the Tuesday following its receipt. If the request is for you, please mentally give me permission to send the energy to you, and be open to receiving it. If it is for someone else, I will be asking permission of their Higher Self before sending. Reiki cannot be forced on someone who is not open to receiving it.

Because of the large volume of requests received, and the fact that needs are always changing, we ask that you resend your request weekly if you would like to continue receiving Reiki Healing Energy through Joannie.

Joannie does not charge for Reiki healing sessions. Donations are gratefully accepted, but not required. Click here to donate whatever your heart and finances can share. Thank you!

Please share whatever information that feels comfortable, which you think may help when sending healing intentions.

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