About Joyous Journey

I founded Joyous Journey Celebrations, not based on any one religion, but on a common denominator in most. Love. It is my belief, that the use of Love in all situations is the answer to our life’s purpose.
Since becoming a Reiki Master, I meditate a lot. I allow the feeling of Love to wash over me and allow nothing else to enter my ‘space’. It is such a euphoric feeling… pretty much addicting (to me anyway). This feeling was so moving, I thought… hmmmm if I could carry this over to my day to day living, I wonder what could happen. So I did.

It took some practice, but whenever I was feeling stressed or out of control, I would stop.. take a deep breath… allow that feeling of Love to wash over me… and give the situation to Spirit. Many may think this is a cop-out, but over the next few months… things just started to fall into place. Things I never thought we could afford began dropping into our laps. New business opportunities, gifts from friends, gifts from people we hardly knew. Perhaps there is something to this ‘Love thing’ after all!
The phrase “God is Love” took on a whole new meaning. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 John 4:8 New International Version (NIV))
When you feel the Love of Spirit, it will engulf you… drown you… lift you into a place of intense peace and joy.
When you feel Love, you become part of something more. Something bigger than you. Something so amazingly vast its beginning and end is inconceivable. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”-Jalaluddin Rumi

The ideal/theology/premise of Joyous Journey Celebrations is to “Add Love to All You Do”. Teaching by example, we can teach others to practice Love in everything they do, while continuing to learn and grow and benefit from it ourselves. Joyous Journey will never ask anyone to stop or ‘convert’ from their current beliefs. It is actually meant to complement any current belief OR non-belief. Showing a little Love or concern or support to others rather than disdain, judgment or indifference can make changes in that person’s life that you will probably never witness, but will be profound to that person.

When working with healing energy as a Reiki Master, I place myself in a state of complete Love for that person’s health and wellbeing for their highest and greatest good. For the moments we are together, I become Love. I can feel the energy of the Universe (Love) passing through me. My clients feel the heat from my body and hands. We are connected to the ‘ocean’ of Love where there is no pain or sickness. Love heals. Healing can take many forms and is not only physical. Healing also is done on mental and spiritual levels as well. It’s amazing to me that somewhere along the way, humanity has forgotten that this energy exists, and has become disconnected from it. I’m so very grateful that my path… my journey through this existence has brought me back home.

Quite simply, my personal belief is that ‘heaven’ is the re-joining of my spirit, the tiny ‘drop’ that I am, into the Love of God… Spirit… Universe… Ocean of Love, where there is nothing except Love within.  We are ONE.
These are my beliefs, and that of Joyous Journey Celebrations.

If you would like to join me in learning and growing in Love and support others in finding their path there, you are most welcome to do so. There is no charge or membership fee, there is only Love. Let me know how I can help you on your daily path, and/or how you can bring the concept of “Adding Love to All You Do” to those who are along your path.
To join us, send a message along with the city/town/state/location of where you live.  Your name will be added to our future member list page.  If you prefer your name not appear, please mention that in your message.
Positive, constructive comments are always welcome. Any negativity will simply be answered with Love, not debate.

Be Blessed, Be LOVE!
The Reverend JC Jenkins
Minister & Founder, Joyous Journey Celebrations
Reiki Master Healer, Healing Journey