FAQ’s About Long Distance Healing

Receiving a distance Reiki healing energy session is a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s a remote energy healing technique which is equal to that of Reiki hands-on energy healing treatments. This energy is being used by millions around the world. Reiki remote healing is a perfect compliment to traditional medical and psychological therapies. Although the term “healing” is most often associated with Reiki distant healing, one does not need to be ill or in trouble to experience the positive effects or Reiki remote healing.

Is Reiki energy healing a religion?
No, Reiki distance healing energy is not a religion. It is simply a powerful method of asking the divine to assist a person, situation, event, etc. In no way does its effectiveness require an alteration of religious precepts.
Must a recipient believe in Reiki healing energy to obtain results?
No, Reiki distant healing energy does not discriminate between believers and skeptics. An awareness of its presence in your life is beneficial, but not necessary.
Can Reiki remote energy healing ever be used to hurt someone?
Due to its divine origin, Reiki remote healing energy only produces good.
Why should requests for Reiki remote healing be more general rather than specific?
By being too specific, it often conflicts with someone else’s free will OR the highest and greatest good of the recipient. It is better to focus on the general feeling from your desire. Example: financial security, a loving relationship, good health, happiness.
How long do the effects of Reiki distance energy healing treatments last?
Reiki distance healing energy often produces positive life altering changes in how one thinks and approaches their life. The recipient and the higher source determine how the Reiki distance healing energy is best utilized.
Is Reiki a Japanese philosophy?
No, The only reason it has a Japanese name is because this old and once obscure method of praying and facilitating healing was re-presented to mankind via a Japanese man, Dr. Usui.
Is it important to understand how Reiki distance healing energy healing works to derive benefit?
No, only a willing soul is the prerequisite to receiving this powerful and divine energy. I use electricity daily without ever understanding how it works.
Is it possible to “catch” the issues of the sender and visa versa?
No, one is totally protected. I would not engage in Reiki distance healing if I felt that either party’s health could be compromised in any way.
Does the client have to stop what they are doing to receive the energy?
No, the client will receive the Reiki distance healing energy regardless of what he/she is doing. Even while asleep, the willing recipient will take in the Reiki distant healing energy.
Does the client “use up” the energy in the moment it is received?
After “sending” Reiki distance healing energy to many people, reports come in that the client often feels it as a wave of peace when they most need it. I see the Reiki remote healing energy collecting as a reserve and thus used when needed.
Do pets such as dogs, cats and birds have a chance to also receive Reiki and benefit?
Yes, I have had many clients, besides humans, from the animal kingdom. Pet owners saw remarkable changes in their pets. One can be sure that Reiki always does good.