Welcome to our Joyous Journey!

Quite simply, we are a non-denominational Celebration and Healing Center whose single doctrine is to Add Love to all you do.  Our principals are not meant to replace your current beliefs, but to compliment them by learning to better incorporate Love into our day to day lives.
We officiate at Weddings, perform Baptisms and End of Life Celebrations, and Reiki Healings are done daily.

Contact us if you would like more information, or to reserve your special day.

Ministerial services include:

~ Weddings, Marriages,  and
     Commitment Ceremonies
~ Baptisms/Baby Naming
~ Home and Office Blessings
~ Contrition and Forgiveness
~ End of Life Celebrations




Healing services include: 

~ Reiki Healing for human, animal/pet, plants and the health of Mother Nature at our facility in Watervliet, NY, at local hospitals, nursing homes. We also make local house calls and send long distance healing anywhere in the world.
~ Monthly Healing Meditation Services
~ Quarterly Reiki Healing Workshops
~ Weekly free Reiki long distance group healing
~ Card Readings using Angel cards, Butterfly cards, and others to provide guidance from Spirit.